Master Plan

Exciting News from the Monterey Planning Board

Co-chairs Tom Sawyer and Laura Mensi, and Planning Board members Chip Allen, Roger Tryon, Lauren Behrman, Margy Abbott and Noel Wicke are thrilled to announce that we are embarking on the creation of our updated Master Plan.  We have identified and contracted with the Berkshire Regional Planning Board, who will work with us to prepare the plan.  The lead person working with us is Seth Jenkins.

The master plan will be funded with a community development grant of $40,000 we received from the Community Compact to support us in revising the Master Plan for the town of Monterey, which has not been updated since 2003.  In updating Monterey’s Master Plan, we will be looking at our vision for our community, business and economic Development, cultural resources, housing, recreation, historic preservation, community development, resources, open space and forest protection and social services (schools, public health, seniors, veterans) and public buildings.

We anticipate and hope for widespread community involvement in surveys of citizens and public meetings as we plan for Monterey into the future.  We are convening a full community meeting to involve any interested citizens in the process from the outset.