Buying & Installing a Knox Box

Procedure for Buying and Installing a Knox Box for Your Home

  • Go to Knock Box Website
  • On left side of the page, go to Knox-Box residential 1650 or 3200 series for a larger box and click
  • Locate Monterey Fire Dept by zip code or city and state
  • Click on the Monterey Fire Department
  • Chose which box you would like, eg. Color, recessed or surface mount, hinged or not,  etc.
  • Add to cart and check out.
  • Once you receive box, have it mounted by the door you use, so its visible to the Fire Department, following installation instructions included with the box
  • Call the Fire Department, (413) 528-3136 to make an appointment to lock the box with your key and alarm codes inside and any contact information you would like inside, card to be no larger than 2”X4”