Parks Commission

All water vessel storage racks are full for 2020.

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Monterey Residents, by striving to provide the best recreational programming and park facilities possible.

Any Monterey resident wanting swim lessons should contact the Berkshire South aquatics department and let them know they’re a resident of Monterey.

Please Observe all Signs


No water vessels may be stored in the area across from the town beach except on a boat rack.  All water vessels currently stored there (in the grassy area and on the racks) must be removed by October 15, 2019.  Water vessels not removed by this date will be considered abandoned property.

Starting in 2020 all water vessels will require a permit to be stored on the boat racks provided.  Stickers will be valid from March 15 - October 15 and will be for Monterey residents only. 


Committee Members

Name and TitleTerm Expires

Julio Rodriguez, Member

2022 resigned June 30, 2022

Peter Poirier, Member


Steven Snyder, Chair


Ilene Marcus, Member


Wendy Benjamin, Member