Planning Board

The Planning Board welcomes all interested citizens from Monterey to attend our meetings and become active in creating a Master Plan for the town. Please feel free to email the below contacts for more information.

The Monterey Planning Board is a seven member elected board that meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. (excluding Thanksgiving Day). The primary purpose of the Planning Board is to understand and implement the Monterey Zoning Bylaws as well as make additions and revisions to the bylaws as needed and approved of by the town. The implementation of the Monterey Zoning Bylaws is done in conjunction with the Building Inspector, (who enforces the bylaws) the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Health, and the Conservation Commission. The Planning Board reviews "Form A" subdivisions of land  (ANR/Approval Not Required) to insure that zoning minimums for acreage (2 acres) and road frontage (200 feet) are met.

Additionally it is the Planning Board's job to ascertain that there is adequate access to any parcel of land created through subdividing. The Planning Board also has a role in the Special Permit application process. Although the application for a Special Permit is actually made to the Zoning g Board of Appeals, the Planning Board (along with the Conservation Commission and the Board of Health) must review each case and submit a Finding either in favor or against the application. This is also the process when applying for a Variance. The Planning Board oversees the creation of subdivisions and implements the Subdivision Control Rules and Regulations. The Planning Board is responsible for initiating and facilitating the process of creating a Master Plan.

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Board Members

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Thomas Sawyer



Laura Mensi



Roger Tryon



Larry Klein



Pat Salomon



BJ Johnson



Nancy Marcus