Conservation Commission


It is the work of the Monterey Conservation Commission to locally administer the Wetlands Protection Act (WPA - MGL Ch 131, S 40). The WPA prohibits any filling, excavation or other alteration of the land surface, water levels, or vegetation in wetlands, regardless of ownership, without a permit from the local Conservation Commission. The WPA is interested in Flood Control, Prevention of Storm Damage, Prevention of Pollution, Fisheries, Ground water, Public or Private Water Supplies, and Wildlife Habitat. Additionally the Riverfront areas have been included as requiring protection under their own paragraph. The Conservation Commission also administers the local Scenic Mountain Act (SMA), in effect since 10 November 2004. 

Our responsibility under the WPA is for the review of project plans, including construction, renovations, alterations, additions, pruning, tree cutting, land clearing, river clean-up, any of which include activity in or within 100 feet of a Resource (any lake, pond, stream, swamp, or vegetated wetland) and within 200 feet of any River. Additionally we review project applications under the SMA for the same kinds of projects listed above. The SMA is for projects occurring above 1,500 feet of elevations and projects occurring on slopes of15% or greater. Each project requiring a Building Permit shall fill in a Conservation Commission Projecy Review Form for Building Permit for review by the Commission. This preliminary review allows us to inform the applicant whether they must file under the WPA, the SMA, or not to file with us because we have no jurisdiction. As always, if you wish to discuss your project informally, before filing with the Conservation Commission, we are happy to answer your questions.

Advertising/Filing Fee: $100 (NOI's will have additional fees due to town and state)

Applicants should contact the Conservation Agent prior to submitting to discuss filing requirements.  Meeting dates and deadlines are subject to change as needed.  Please check the calendar for updates.


2021 Meeting Schedule

Con Comm Meeting Date

Deadline to submit applications (2 PM)

August 10

July 26

Sept 21

Sept 3

Oct 19

Sept 29

Nov 9

                                                                                      Oct 25

Dec 14

Nov 30

Conservation Commission meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are generally held in the Town Hall Meeting Room.

Applicants should contact the Conservation Office prior to submission to discuss filing requirements with the Conservation Agent.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines are subject to change as needed.  Please check the website for updates to the schedule.

Commission MemberAppointment Expires

Jeremy Rawitz, Chair


Margo Drohan


Nancy Tomasovich


Michael Zisser


Leslie Lichter