Select Board

The Select Board in the Town of Monterey are the principal administrative officers of the town and other boards. The Board has general supervision over all matters that are not specifically delegated by law, or by vote of the town, to another officer or board. This Board had the responsibility under state law to prepare the town meeting warrant, make appointments to town boards and offices, to employ professional administrative staff and town counsel, sign warrants for the payment of all town bills, and the authority to grant licenses and permits for a broad range of activities.

The Monterey Select Board is a three member panel and each Select Person is voted in for a three year term with a rotating chair. We are available to listen to concerns of citizens and direct them to appropriate boards and also to formulate and implement long range goals & projects. The Board also actively provides forums for discussion of issues affecting town life such as affordable housing, land use and the interaction of Town Boards.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Melissa Noe Administrative Assistant (413) 528-1443 (ext. 111)

Board Members

Board MemberTerm

Donald Coburn, Chair


Steven Weisz, Member


John Weingold, Member