Residential Numbering

House Numbers Poster

We can’t help you if we can’t find you.

GPS is great, but it doesn’t always work on rural roads.  Your address sign is how emergency and First Responders will find you.  A few examples of what they should look like can be found attached.

Monterey Bylaw Article XV.

Residential Numbering Article XV. Residential Numbering.

November 16, 1991; May 7, 1994; May 6, 2000 The Town voted to accept the provisions of Chapter 291 of the Acts of 1990, thereby allowing the Town to receive Enhanced 9-1-1 service as defined in said Act and, as acceptance and notification to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of said acceptance will occur on or before December 11, 1991, the Town will also receive, at no cost to it, the benefits of Enhanced 9-1-1 network features and components and any other Enhanced 9-1-1 network features that may be made available by the Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board.

All Dwelling units in the Town of Monterey must be identified by the use of house numbers. Numbers must be of suitable size and location so as to easily identify the building and dwelling unit to emergency-response personnel. Where the building is set back from the highway, it is required that the numbers be placed at the end of the drive where they may be easily observed from the highway. Where there is more than one dwelling sharing a common drive, all applicable numbers must be displayed at the end of the drive. It shall be the responsibility of property owners on private roads to erect and maintain signs identifying accepted road names. The Registrars of Voters shall be responsible for maintaining an updated and current house number and road name listing. This article may be enforced by the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40 Section 21D, in a non-criminal disposition.

The enforcing officers include the Fire Chief and the Police Chief or their designee. The penalty for failing to display the proper house number on a public or private road will be fifty ($50) dollars. The penalty for failing to display a name sign for a private road will be fifty ($50) dollars. Each succeeding day of non-compliance may constitute a separate offense. People will be notified and given the opportunity to comply within thirty days before the penalty is imposed.